Beetroot gazpacho


Beetroot gazpacho with extra virgin olive oil. Vegan. Low in fat. Gluten free. Allergens free. No added sugars

A very special gazpacho. We added red beet to the original recipe, rich in B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium. With extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar. Vegan Low in fat. Without gluten. Without allergens. No added sugars.

Carlota Organic gazpachos are ideal for hot days. We bring them in a new 450g format easy to take to the beach or work. Thanks to its special preservation process, this soups maintains all the nutrients and respects the unmistakable flavor of fresh gazpacho.

Weight 670 g

Tomato 54.5% *, beet 33% *, sunflower oil 3.6%, extra virgin olive oil 1.2% *, onion *, red pepper *, cucumber *, wine vinegar 1.1% *, salt and garlic *.

Nutritional information

Energy Value 332 kJ / 80 kcal, Greases 5.1 g (of which saturated 0.6 g), Carbohydrates 7.3 g (of which sugars 4.44 g), Protein 1.1 g, Salt 0 5 g

Preparation tips

Shake before opening. Serve cold


Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and consume in 4 days.


2 years


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